SCWA Awards Nominations

Awards Application

Thank you for requesting an Awards Nomination Application Package. The application may be completed by the owner(s) of the facility, the distributor(s), supplier(s), or fellow car wash operator(s), however the/an owner MUST sign the declaration on the back of the application to be considered for judging by the Awards Committee. Please complete the application, sign and attach the signature card, and return the application with pictures and the appropriate write-up. all pictures will be returned after the judging.


  • Complete the top of the application with the Car Wash and owner(s) name and addresses. Check the type of car wash.
  • Check the categories applicable for the application and provide the listed pictures and information. Only one application is necessary for multiple categories.
  • Include glossy or matte (4" X 6" minimum, 8 1/2" X 11" maximum) photographs or digital printed on glossy or matte photo paper. Do NOT include CD-ROM or E-mail files unless requested by the Awards Committee. the pictures must not include any reference to the distributor(s) or supplier(s).
  • The write-up or brief history MUST at least be 150 words about the facility or person. Information such as why, how, who, what, or when may be pertinent and interesting information to be presented at the Awards Banquet. Include any names of persons and/or company(s), distributor(s) and supplier(s) that you would like to receive recognition.
  • Include pictures and write-up for each category that is checked on the application.
  • Be sure that the/an owner signs the declaration on the back of the application.

Thank you,
The Awards Committee