Water Conservation Alliance

Congratulations to the most recent
SCWA Water Conservation Partners

Cityview Car Wash & Oil Change - Fort Worth, Texas
Jerry's Express Car Wash - Arlington, Texas
Astromatic Car Wash - Alice, Texas
Mr. Sharky's Car Wash #2 - Austin, Texas
Mr. Sharky's Car Wash #3 - Austin, Texas
Mr. Sharky's Car Wash #4 - Austin, Texas
Mr. Sudz Car Wash - Spring, Texas
King Car Wash - Spring, Texas
Porter Car Wash - Spring, Texas
Pueblo Octopus Car Wash - Pueblo, Colorado
Farmington Octopus Car Wash - Farmington, New Mexico
Coors Octopus Car Wash - Albuquerque, New Mexico
West Octopus Car Wash - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Paseo Octopus Car Wash - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Heights Octopus Car Wash - Albuquerque, New Mexico
North Octopus Car Wash - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Central Octopus Car Wash - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Copperfield Car Wash - Houston, Texas

The SCWA Water Conservation Alliance
is a voluntary partnership between the SCWA professional car wash operators; community utilities; state/county and local governments to continue reducing water use in our communites thoughout the Southwest.

The SCWA Water Conservation Alliance
will provide information and guidelines to car wash operators on the most efficient water use methods for car wash operations and recognize those who are acieving significant water conservation efforts. In addition, the Alliance will provide data to communities, government and the general public on the water conserving and environmentally friendly efforts of the car wash industry.

The SCWA Water Conservation Alliance
has created specific water saving criteria for car wash operators to implement and local communities to recognize that will produce benefits today and even more important save water for future generations.

Become a Water Conservation Partner
To participate and be recognized as a "Water Conservation Partner" the following steps must be completed:

  1. Be a member in good standing with SCWA.
  2. Request and complete the SCWA Water Conservation Alliance Guidelines outlining the water conservation criteria.
  3. Forward the completed and signed checklist to the SCWA Headquarters.
  4. Agree to participate in the SCWA Charity Car Wash Program.

Once the above steps are completed, the car wash will be recognized as follows:

  1. Receive on small lobby sign to be displayed at the car wash recognizing you for outstanding efforts in conserving water in the community through the SCWA Water Conservation Alliance.
  2. Additional metal signage (28"x48") are available for outside display. ($75 per sign)
  3. The car wash name will be displayed on the homepage of the SCWA website highlighting all participating car washes bringing you additional awareness and recognition.

Water Conservation Alliance Guidelines
& Partner Application
(Please print, complete, & mail form to SCWA Headquarters)


Top Ten Facts

Did you know research shows....

  1. The average professional car wash uses LESS water than many other businesses in a community.
  2. As an example a self serve car wash uses on the average 17-18 gallons of water per car.
  3. The full serve conveyor will use 30-40 gallons per car.
  4. An average shower uses 35-40 gallons of water and a top load washer, 35 gallons per load.
  5. Average professionsl car washes use LESS than .2% of the total municipal water supply.
  6. Residential water use will average 60-70% of which lawn watering is over 50%.
  7. In most cities car washes are not even in the top 1000 largest water users.
  8. Individuals washing cars in their driveways or the many charity car washes you see on parking lots are using 100-140 gallons of water per car with an open hose.
  9. Professional car washes water drains into the sanitary sewer that actually replenishes the water system.
  10. Water conservation and efficiency is just good business and economic sense for car wash operators.